Faerie Spells Slot Review

Betsoft’s Faerie Spells is an online slot game played on 10 pay lines and themed with fairies and pixies. Launch the screen to meet your fairy Queen, who will transport you into a magical land deep in the woods where treasure awaits at every turn! The graphics are enchanting, featuring beautiful faeries and other inhabitants from this world of pure imagination, such as treasuries filled up by lucky players after completing bonus rounds designed so cleverly that they become more addictive than difficult or time-wasting.

Hit Faerie Spells Bonus Scatters and Play Up to 25 Free Spins

The Faerie Queen has a special lab where she will let you in if your luck is good enough. Land three queen symbols and get access to four different magic flasks with rare ingredients that produce huge payouts when triggered by dropping their droplets on the ground or drinking what they contain! Other interesting features include Double Up gamble round, free spins bonus game; mini-game (which gives even more opportunities for big wins), as well as generous deposit bonuses available daily – it doesn’t stop there either; these prizes can be unmatched anywhere else, so make sure not miss out while this offer lasts.

Game Symbols: Magical Characters and More

The game of Monopoly is all about earning property deeds, but the tree guardian symbol takes it one step further. The wild card substitute can replace any other symbols on your reels to earn more winning combinations that lead toward big payouts! You may even find yourself with free spins if there are still unguarded land plots left over after using up these bonuses in normal gameplay mode – don’t forget, though; when things get too easy (or perhaps boring), there’s always “cash prize” explosions where Diamonds will appear which act as scatters during this stage.

Spin the Reels of Faerie Spells Online Slot and Win

The size of your stake will determine how much you win from each bet. The higher the number, generally speaking, it will be more profitable for players who put in small stakes than those with high-stakes gambling sessions! If this doesn’t suit what kind big hand casino games do look like, then take our word for it – remember that there are no guarantees when playing any game at random websites, so treat every penny spent wisely and don’t forget about all those free spins deals waiting right around.

The autoplay button allows you to automate the spinning of your coins according to a pre-set setting. Clicking on this will bring up an easy menu where different bet sizes and numbers for spins can be chosen, which makes choosing how many seconds each side takes or whether they should go forward/backward all at our fingertips!

Hit Faerie Spells Bonus Scatters and Play Up to 25 Free Spins

Hit Faerie Spells Bonus Scatters and Play Up to 25 Free Spins

The free spins bonus round will activate a mini-game in which all the symbols onscreen get replaced by new ones. There are up to 1000 ways you can win, and an additional Jackpot can be triggered during this time!

The diamonds scattered across this game will periodically explode, which means you could win cash prizes when they do!

The Double Up Feature

With the Double Up feature, you have a chance to make twice your initial bet. Of course, this also means risking what was earlier achieved! Click on that button and predict whether or not an upcoming landing coin will be worth more than its predecessors- if correct, then Congratulations because nothing is stopping you from collecting all of those coins in one go now!! If wrong, don’t worry about it; pick how much money you want to lose (or keep) by choosing between half/full wins.

Magic Toadstool Treasures

The faerie queen has many treasures to offer, and you can find them all with the help of these symbols.


This slot machine is perfect for you if you love hitting the jackpot. With four different generous awards that can’t be missed and tons of features like bonuses or wilds; there’s no shortage in treasures when it comes down to faerie spells online gameplay!