Frequently Asked Questions
By registering your business with us, you are choosing a business name, category, city and province. Also, you will be able to add images and description about your business. As you might know that Google loves clear and descriptive content. We have developed our website in the way that it brakes down descriptions for Google to understand the content you provide better. By doing this, your company/business will get found more often online.
We would recommend that you add your business to every available online business directory, as it will help your business get discovered online.
When you upload a logo/picture for your business, you should rename that logo/picture as your business name (e.g. Photo1.jpen -> business-directory.png”). If you're not sure how to do it, contact our support team, we're always there to help you.
Please contact us at, we will do our best to accommodate your business and provide province/city/category that you would like to be featured in. BOWLDI Inc. has expended accross Canada. Currently we do not offer business listings for United States of America.
Email currently has the fastest response time.
Contact us at, we have a guarantee that you will receive a response within 24 hours. We like to under-promise and over-deliver!
To find more about BOWLDI Inc. and its founders please visit About Us page. Or Click here AboutUs.
This website features SSL certificate and 100% systematic input sanitation . We use state of the art server and data-centre technologies. Don't worry, you're in good hands.
Once you select to pay, you will be prompted to CHASE bank, payment page. The bank is encrypted and very reliable as more and more retailers use them for day-to-day transactions. If you want to know more about CHASE privacy and collection of information click here. We do not store your credit card number and you could also choose what kind of information would like to share with us.
Currently we accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal as a payment option.
Our dedicated team offers a social media optimization options, including, but not limited to, building LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus pages. Furthermore, we provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). If you would like to take your company to the next level, contact us today, so we can arrange a meeting and discuss how to make your business successful.
We don’t add companies, it is done by individuals with a registered phone number and an email, and we do not purchase information from other sources. We are strongly against SPAM. If for some reason you are not happy to be registered with BOWLDI Inc., which would only benefit your business to get found online, you have a right to ask for the removal of your company. You will need to provide us a written signed letter only from the owner or owners asking to be removed from our database. Contact us at
First, you need to Sign Up . After filling out the sign up form, you will receive an email confirmation. If you can't find the confirmation email, please check the spam folder. The next step is to click Add Your Business and fill out your business profile.
If you have signed out and coming back, then click Log In and then Add Your Business to fill out your business profile.
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