business-directory-canadaThank you for choosing to know more about BOWLDI Inc. and our super team, we feel honored you are taking your time to read more about us.
Our advertisement company was started because we wanted to help business owners in automotive industry to understand how search engines work, and give them great return for their investment with our optimized ads.
Coming from automotive sales management, we faced tough meetings about advertising and ROI (return on investment). To put it simply, it’s about how much profit you generate from your advertising compared to how much money you spend on the advertising ads. For print ads we used traceable 1-(800) phone numbers. If you don’t use the traceable numbers, you are throwing your money away as you will never know which newspaper ads are more effective. When we compared the statistics on print ads vs. online ads, it was very obvious that online ads work much better. After solid analytical evidence, business owners wanted to know more about how the search engines works.
It felt frustrating explaining to business owners how the online search engines work and how they should optimize their business websites. What we found even more challenging is getting them to understand why they should pay for optimization, development/redesign of their website and social media set up/maintenance.
In a fast paced world you have to adjust your business to constant changes and keep up with new technology. Most business owners are used to print ads or news paper advertising and yes, this might work, but based on statics that we observed, online advertising is less expensive and more effective. Just ask companies that were in print ad business and almost all went bankrupt or changed their business around by going to online advertising business concept.
This motivated us to create an optimized website, where business owners can add their website and business contact information that gets discovered by search engines, regardless if their website is optimized or not. At the same time we offer wide range of online business services, search engine optimization, website design/ development, social media set up and maintenance, graphic design, logo design, business card design, and much more, please visit our business services page.
We built BOWLDI for business owners who are not online savvy and for those who are. Simply said, once you add your company listing to our business directory, your website will be found more often by search engines.
BOWLDI Inc. is a Canadian start up company where business owners can register their company listings for free. There is no catch, it is really free, and in addition we also share your company profile on Social media at no charge!
Our belief is to help business owners succeed and grow their business online. We can share the success together. Consider this “Having your website updated, mobile friendly and optimized with search engines is an expectation that customers demand”. Let us help you get started.
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